emma and family


5 years ago when I was home with our youngest I was loving the opportunity to be able to stay home and have that time with my children BUT desperately still wanted to use my business brain. As you do when you are at home with a young one I was spending a lot of time looking for items and advice online and found a gap in the market.

There were parenting sites galore that talked about nappy rash and starting solids but where were the sites for mums like me that still wanted to find out what was happening in the world?

I wanted to read about issues that affected me. Have a laugh…. basically just take some time out for me the mum BUT still the woman. This is how Mums Lounge was born and to this day remains the largest of our sites with 300,000 unique visitors every month.   It was a laptop and me but it grew and it grew FAST! Through Mums Lounge and being online I was meeting all these amazing women who had the same passion and drive I did (whilst home with their children) and so they joined the team.

Fast forward 5 years and we now operate 6 sites, 17 social media platforms and 3 member databases talking to and reaching over 1.4 MILLION Australian women every week. Our team has now grown to 14 but We run our company structure quite differently.

We believe we operate more efficiently by tapping into a resource INCREDIBLY underused by others and that is mums.   98% of our employees are mums and the majority of our writing team and editors work from home around their children

These women have held amazing positions in the past, but now that they are at home with their children the general perception is that they are no longer useful to the workforce – experience tells us, it’s quite on the contrary.

What I love about working with these women is that they self manage and get the job done in the time that suits both them and us. I know that our celebrity editor gets up early in the morning with her newborn so at 6am when I login, all that morning and overnight news is done and remains competitive, with up-to-date stories but at a time that suits her. Our social media manager starts work at 7pm when the kids are in bed and it’s not uncommon to find her still online at 2/3am. This creates an exciting atmosphere with what feels like a 24/7 workforce.

These women didn’t give birth to a baby and then have a lobotomy!

They have left thriving careers and to give them an opportunity to still use their business brain from home while being able to spend those precious first years with their children is one of the most fulfilling parts of my journey.

These women are also our target audience

This is invaluable when it comes to creating content for our sites that is engaging, entertaining and informative. We have daily group online workshops with topic ideas and although our staff range from head office here in Adelaide, and extend out to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, it allows us to remain incredibly connected.

My team is by far my biggest asset

I quite often say they ‘live and breathe mmg’ and the support, love and incredibly strong work ethic they give me is humbling.

If you happen to pop past our building for a visit you will often find 1pm dance offs, a baby asleep in a port-a-cot or a myriad of dress ups. We thrive on hard work, energy and fun.

I started this business so that I could work around my family. I want to be able to put my name down to go on excursions and be at my children’s sports days. That is the joy of this work life balance between my two great loves. My family are my biggest support. They inspire and energise me everyday.

‘Remember to take some time to stop and look at what you have achieved and how much you inspire others around you. It is a fantastic legacy you are making ‘